Learning Center VIS Academy offers the course "User boxed version Bitriks24". Who is this program for?

1. For everyone who uses Bitrix24. Even if you use the cloud version of the product, this course is useful for you.             
2. For those who are just thinking: whether or not to implement Bitrix24 in their own company. During training, you look at all of the major features of the product.             
3. For those who are planning to get a job. Now Bitrix24 is implemented in many companies and employers go to take someone who already knows how to communicate with the system

Course - Bitrix24 User

(duration - 5 hours)
  • Individual user profile settings - filling out a profile, setting up a menu, event notifications
  • Communication in Bitrix24 - chat, video and audio calls
  • Time tracking, and the absence of a schedule of visits
  • Work with calendar
  • Tasks - statement, task work, repeating tasks and patterns
  • Working groups, projects
  • Working groups, projects
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Course - Sales Organization / Working with CRM

(duration - 5 hours)
  • Introducing CRM
  • What is lead, contact, company, deal and how to work with it
  • Setting transaction cards
  • Работа с отчетами – настройка и создание
  • Working with reports - setup and creation
  • Set up a sales funnel
  • Features of working with telephony and mail
  • Connecting open lines (vk, facebook, telegram, viber)
  • Document generation - invoice for payment, contract
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As a result of the course the user can:

  • Customize Bitrix24 business tools
  • Configure Bitrix24 Box Modules
  • Create simple business processes and business processes with statuses
  • Organize collaboration on documents and their storage in the internal network
  • To be able to generate reports for work